Upon acceptance of this application by Byrewards and prior thereto while the undersigned applicant
for a Clients(hereinafter called Client) is selling Byrewards products, Client agrees:

2. Client is an Independent contractor (for all purposes, including tax and otherwise) and is not an employee, legal representative or agent of Byrewards, or of any other, than an Independent Byrewards Client.

COMPLIANCE: Please complete all compliance items:

-Your billing descriptor will show up as "novatop447771314100" on your customers credit card statements.

-Your credit card statement will read "novatop447771314100" this will appear on your credit card statement.

-During the purchase process customers must be notified via checkout and email receipt of the billing descriptor.

-Please have the refund policy stated on your billing page or please have a link to it.

-We cannot take your account live until you post your contact information, terms and conditions, delivery methods, refund policy and a clear pricing/fee structure.


Company Number England 11872205 - Incorporated on 9 March 2019

Flat 2, 35 Station Road, Portslade, East Sussex, England, BN41 1GB

Contact Number: +44 (0) 2070625460

3. Byrewards insofar as it is reasonably possible, will sell for cash to Client in whatever quantity Client my desire. entering into this agreement.
4. For a period of two (2) years after termination of this agreement, the Client will hold in confidence any trade mark secrets, formulas, sales and distribution systems, business information and literature which Client acquired during the term of this agreement and will not use directly or indirectly these items.
5. Client will operate his/her business at all times in such manner as to enhance the reputation of Byrewards and its trade names.
6. Byrewards may in its absolute discretion immediately suspend, and or terminate the Client, by notice in writing to the Client in the event that Byrewards has reasonable grounds for believing that the client has breached any provision of this agreement, or the rules as set forth in the Byrewards (M)Arketing Manual or Client back Office.
7. Byrewards may in its absolute discretion and for any reason whatsoever suspend and/or terminate this agreement,
giving (30) days notice in writing to the Client, which it is agreed will be sufficient notice.
8. Client has the right to terminate this agreement at any time, without penalty by submitting a witnessed letter of
termination to Byrewards, giving 14 days notice.
9. Client and/or spouse must wait a minimum of one year from the date of termination of the Clients, before
re-applying for another Byrewards Clients.
10. A) After a period of inactivity of three months, (90) days, by any Client of any sales volume, or Product orders
from the company, Byrewards reserves the right to notify the said Client of this inactivity and herby give forth thirty days notice to stay as an Active Byrewards Client, by the Client placing a product order with the company.
8) If after a period of inactivity of three months (90) days by any Client of any sales volume, or product orders from
the company in any way and after Byrewards has notified the client of this, they fail to re-order within the thirty days roceeding this notice, giving a period of four (4) calendar months of inactivity in total, the said Client may be asked if they wish to remain as an Byrewards Client. If Client does not wish to remain as an Active Byrewards Client,
their position may be made vacant to a new person to fill that vacant spot and join the company.
C) Client will only be allowed to join the company in a vacant spot providing there are no Active Clients
underneath that vacant position; otherwise they will be sponsored in the normal way as laid out in the manual on application .
11. The Clients may not be assigned without consent of Byrewards, which consent can be withheld by Byrewards at its sole discretion.
12. Client understands that the signing of this agreement (whether on an Application for International Clients
Form or as an Online Registration) and his or her purchase of either an International Client kit (I.D.K) or Online
Registration Joining Fee, are all that are required to become an Byrewards Client. If this agreement is terminated
within 90 days, in accordance with any part of clauses 6, 7, 8 and 9, the Client may return the I.D.K if one was
purchased to his or her original sponsor who will provide a full refund.
13. A) Where this agreement is terminated in accordance with clauses 6,7,8 and 9, Client may return goods bought
from Byrewards within 1 months of the date of termination to Byrewards, In good and resalable condition for a full refund,
subject to clause 14 and with a reasonable handling charge.
8) Whatever party terminates this agreement shall be liable for any legitimate expenses incurred in connection with the return of goods to Byrewards for refund.
14. If Client is paid or credited with any earnings such as Royalty, Bonuses or Commission in respect of any goods
purchased by the Client and Byrewards is required to repay part or whole of the purchase price for these goods,
Byrewards shall have the right to require the Client to repay all sums paid or credited.
15. Byrewards shall not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by its breach, cancellation or suspension of this agreement, whether or not the possibility of such damages is known to Byrewards.
16. Client will become familiar with all relevant local laws, rules and regulations, including VAT and TAX
requirements depending on the country to which the business is conducted.
17. This agreement is binding upon and incurs to the benefit of the parties, their heirs and successors in interest. If any
provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid for whatever reason, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be so affected.
19. This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English Law.
20.Client acknowledges that subject to the rules contained in the Byrewards Manual.on request.
U.K. law requires that all new Clients be made aware of the following:
A) It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
8) Do not be misled by claims that earnings are easily achieved.
C) Client will make no claims about any product, which have not been approved in writing by the Company.
D) Client will make no medical claims regarding any product.
E) Client will direct all customers to read the label of all products prior to purchase or consumption.
F)Client will advise customers under the care of a physician to consult the physician prior to purchase of any product.

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Returns Policy Items can be returned within 30 days of receipt of delivery It can take up to 25 days for an item to reach us once you return it, send email to info@beautybyrewards.com with full details.

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